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March 18, 2016 BY: Brian Toll, President, Breathe Easy Home
IN: Air Quality, Allergies, Asthma, Podcast

BEH Podcast Episode 2 – The Health-R Study – How It Works

Today’s episode discusses, in detail, the Breathe Easy Home Indoor Air Quality System. In the first half of the podcast, Reuven Walder from ecobeco helps us understand each of the five elements.  The second half of the podcast features an interview with Larry Zarker, Chief Executive of the Building Performance Institute. Larry talks about what the energy efficiency and home improvement industries are doing to make homes healthier. He also talks about his thought-provoking presentation: “Our Homes Suck: And they are giving our kids sinus problems.”

This podcast supports the HEALTH-R Study, which examines the link between enhanced indoor air quality and childhood asthma symptoms.  ecobeco will be the lead installer on the HEALTH-R Study.  You can find more information on the HEALTH-R Study by visiting

The How It Works graphic can be found by visiting

  • Filtered Fresh Air, Filtered Recycled Air. We use high-grade filters to clean all of your air, from outdoor air that contains allergens and pollutants to recycled indoor air that gets polluted from human activities.
  • Better Air Flow. We ensure that filtered air reaches you and your family in every room of your house, removing allergy triggers along the way.
  • Humidity Control. We use smarter fan controls to keep your home comfortable while minimizing the growth of molds, mites, bacteria and fungi.

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  • Sealed Air Leaks. We seal up all those uncontrolled hidden air leaks throughout your house that bring pollen, dust and polluted air into your home.
  • Better Insulation. We upgrade your insulation to control moisture so that when temperatures vary widely mold can’t grow. (This saves energy and improves comfort, too.)

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