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March 29, 2016 BY: Brian Toll, President, Breathe Easy Home
IN: Air Quality, Allergies, Asthma, Children, Podcast

BEH Podcast Episode 3 – Detailing the HEALTH-R Study Intervention

We will take a deeper look at the equipment and methods used in the HEALTH-R Study homes to implement the Breathe Easy Home Indoor Air Quality System. This podcast has been created to support the HEALTH-R Study that examines the link between enhancing indoor air quality and reducing childhood asthma symptoms. To learn more about the HEALTH-R Study, please visit

Today, we will have several guests on the podcast who are system installers or who work for the manufacturers of the key pieces of equipment that were selected to be part of the HEALTH-R Study intervention. We’ll talk to Reuven Walder from ecobeco, our lead on sealing and insulating the building envelope. We’ll talk to Rob Minnick from Minnick’s, our lead HVAC contractor. We’ll talk to Dave Schmidt from Aeroseal of Maryland who will discuss duct sealing. We’ll talk to Randy Lenz from Aprilaire to discuss ventilation, filtration, humidity, and Aprilaire’s thermostat that controls the system. Last, we’ll talk to Sean Moseley from Fresh-Aire UV about the use of photocatalysts to remove Volatile Organic Compounds and the ability of ultra violet light to kill germs.

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