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March 29, 2016 BY: Brian Toll, President, Breathe Easy Home
IN: Air Quality, Allergies, Asthma, Children, Podcast

Podcast Episode 4 – The Science – A Deeper Dive

Today’s topic is “The Science – A Deeper Dive.” We will discuss the scientific principles and previous academic studies that have been done looking at housing and childhood asthma. These studies were used to develop the HEALTH-R Study, which stands for Housing and Energy Attributes Linked to Health through Retrofits. The HEALTH-R Study examines the link between enhancing indoor air quality and reducing childhood asthma symptoms. To learn more about the HEALTH-R Study, please visit

We are joined by David Jacobs, Chief Scientist for the National Center for Healthy Housing, and also the principal investigator for the HEALTH-R Study. Dr. Jacobs gives both an historical and up to date scientific perspective on housing quality, and describes why his is so optimistic that the HEALTH-R Study will advance our understanding of asthma and indoor air quality.

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